Dedicated to quality quilting; exciting, creative design; and enjoyable client/quilter relationships, Wild Onion Studio offers custom machine quilting by award-winning quilter, Susan Conn Italo. Using the latest technology and trends, Susan will ensure that your quilt receives individual attention and care. Susanís custom designs will make your quilt unique, with lively freeform designs or soothing traditional style to suit your special quilt.


Pricing is based on the square inch size of your quilt. To determine this, measure the length and width of your quilt in inches, then multiply those two numbers to determine the total area of your quilt top. Multiply this number by the quilting price per square inch suggested below. This will give you an approximate dollar amount for the quilting labor of your quilt.

For example: (length of quilt top, in inches) x (width of quilt top, in inches) = area of quilt top. Area x price per square inch (psi) = quilting labor price.
  • Basic meandering all over: .02 psi
  • Fancy all over (including flowers, swirls, watery meander, lettering): .03 - .035 psi
  • Custom fancy meandering all over (including feathers, flowers, swirls, leaves, and more): .04 - .045 psi
  • Custom dense quilting, including individual artistic block designs, feathered vines, stitch in the ditch, custom sashing and border designs: .045 - .055psi
  • Heirloom quilting, including extensive stitch in the ditch, custom feathers, applique quilting, complex block designs: .055 - .065 psi

Quality batting is available for purchase by the inch. We stock cotton, cotton/poly blend, wool, and more. Customer may send batting, however it must be a bonded batting sturdy enough to withstand the unique stresses of machine quilting. Most modern batting will be acceptable.


Backing fabric should be good quality fabric; using bed sheets can lead to unacceptable thread tension, and will be refused as backing fabric. Please consider your quilt design as well as your thread color when choosing your backing fabric; for example, a solid color fabric will show thread stops and starts, while a busier print will help hide stops and starts created by custom quilting. Selvedges should be removed from any seams to avoid puckering.

Allow an extra 5" per side on your quilt back. This extra fabric allows room for pinning and clamping to keep the quilt back square and even on the machine. Please square your backing to avoid additional preparation charges; an additional charge of $10 will apply if it is necessary for Susan to square the backing. Your quilt back should measure 10" bigger than your quilt top in length and width.


Attaching the binding to the quilt top while it is loaded on the quilting machine leads is convenient, and results in a square quilt. Binding is machine attached only; customer hand sews the binding to the quilt back. Corners are prepared for a mitered finish.

Customer sends prepared binding strips, providing at least 12" extra binding. Binding can be prepared by Wild Onion Studio; customer sends 1 yard of binding fabric. Binding is prepared on the straight of grain at a cost of $15. Leftover fabric will be returned to customer.

Pricing is .12 per linear inch. To determine this, measure twice the length added to twice the width of your quilt top in inches to determine the linear area of your quilt top. Multiply this number by .12 to give you the dollar amount for binding your quilt top.

(2 x Length in inches) + (2 x width in inches) = linear area of quilt top

Linear area x .12 = binding price


Thread charge per quilt is $12 - $15, depending upon the size of the quilt, the number of thread color changes, and the type of thread. Metallic and variegated threads are more costly than solid color threads. Susan uses top quality, professional threads, such as Isacord, Superior, and ARC.

Backing fabric can be sent in yardage to be seamed by Susan. Seaming charge is $15 per seam, including pressing and squaring.

Pressing charges at $20 will apply if the quilt top or back is severely creased. Light pressing is handled at no extra charge.

Seam repair will be performed at a rate of $25 per hour, in 15 minute increments.

Shipping charges, including insurance, will be extra.


Please contact Wild Onion Studio (email or call (805)746-0186 PST) for additional information, including pricing, design, and shipping information.