About Wild Onion Studio

As a child growing up in the woods in Eastern Pennsylvania, I was lucky to be surrounded by art. My grandfather was a successful painter and he and my grandmother lived a short walk through the woods from my home. In that world, everything was a canvas, and everything was a creative tool. Whether it was pebbles from the driveway, wood scraps, leaves and petals, or mud; all of it was ready to be touched and transformed. Wild onions grew everywhere, and the scent of them was as prevalent during the summer as the sight of fireflies. To me they symbolize creative inspiration. They are tenacious and they are everywhere.

I grew up always wanting to be an artist. And eventually I trained at the Cleveland Institute of Art and received my BA in Art from Cleveland State University. I surprised even myself by becoming a textile major. I enjoyed all that encompassed from printing fabrics to weaving and dyeing and so much more.

The oddest thing is that there were no quilts, no history of quilting of any kind in my family. But I was always drawn to them. The area where I grew up was rich with them. I loved sleeping at friend's houses and feeling the texture of the quilt on top of me. I admired their beauty, the workmanship evident in each stitch, and their history. 

When I was 15 years old I was staying at my sister's house. She had a magazine laying around that had a Quilt in a Day pattern in it. I decided then and there that I wanted to make it. My sister took me too a fabric warehouse where I bought home dec weight chintz! And yes, I sewed that quilt in a weekend. I still remember hauling it around college with me as I tried to "quilt" it by embroidering large hearts in each square using a chain stitch!

But I was hooked. I went on to learn as much as I could, often taking on projects the were way above my abilities, but I was never deterred. Even if the final product was a flop, I always learned something. And I kept getting better. I honestly have no idea how many quilts I've actually made. I have given most of them away over the years.

I have always wanted to be an independent artist. I contnue to explore the ideas within me, and am more productive than I have ever been my entire life. I have truly found my voice. And it speaks in color, and pattern, and design. I am still influenced by everything in my surroundings: a sunset, a feather in the snow, poetry, and music. It has always been this way just like it was when I was a child. I love bringing the inspiration that overcomes me to fruition and seeing it bring joy to others. 

So now I paint and make quilts in my own Little House... a shed I claimed as my studio as soon as we moved here. I live in Northern Minnesota with my patient and obliging husband, a dog and two cats, and occasionally with my two adult children. I am very lucky to live in a home that reminds me strongly of my grandparent's. There are woods and fields, birds and other animals, and countless things surrounding me which populate my imagination. What a wonderful, wonderful life!

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